Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I back-up?

In general, we recommend you create Sage 50 backups at least once a week - and preferably daily if it's feasible - to ensure that you can restore your data without too much manual data re-entry in the event of a hardware failure or other data corrupting event.

I need to bulk update my customers and suppliers. Can I do this?

In Sage50 you can use the ‘Batch Changes’ option to select a number of records and make the required changes to all of them at the same time. Just open the relevant module, select the records you want to amend and right click ‘Batch Changes’.

Can I restructure my nominal codes?

You can easily import or amend nominal codes. Simply go to the navigation bar, click ‘Nominal Codes’ then either click ‘New’ or click the required Nominal Code and hit ‘Edit’.

I'd like to re-number a customers account as they've changed their name. Is this possible? 


How do I add bank details and a logo to my invoice?

You can use the Report Designer to add bespoke details and branding to your invoices. To add a logo, go to the Menu Bar and hit ‘Toolbox’ and then ‘Add Image/Logo’. To add your bank details, simply go to ‘Toolbox’ again and choose ‘Text boxes’ to type in the details.

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